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Welcome to this page. Download these interesting files, and be ready to hold your stomach.

[PV Water] [Choco Box] [Stress Reliever] [Funny Pics]

PV Water

This animation demo is just unbelievable. Such cool animation and the file size is just 4k! Something which is really worth a watch.

Choco Box

Hold your stomachs, this choco box will make you laugh like never before. A different way to relish the chocolates!

Stress Reliever

Stressed by the hectic day's work? You will be relieved in just a moment. (At the cost of some violence!)

Funny Pics

Here's more fun. Some really cool snapshots to make you laugh out of your wits. I bet you are going to enjoy it.
Note: This is a PowerPoint slide, so you require PowerPoint viewer to view it.


Vaibhav Kulkarni. You can email me at for any suggestions or queries.