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My Programs

Welcome to this page. Here you get more details about the programs I've made. Learn more about them, see screen shots and also download them.

[Metric Converter] [Graph Drawer] [Snake] [Puzzler] [Designer]

Metric Converter 2.46

Problems having to do those metric conversions, especially for complicated units? Metric Converter is the solution. Easily make conversions between units like distance, speed, area, temperature, density, color code and more.. Now with the added functionality to add you custom units. Various other options to make calculations simpler. Open the Windows Calculator from this program itself. Online HTML help to solve any of your problems.
Screen shot | More details | Download

Graph Drawer

This program is specially designed for students of std. XII to view the graphs of conics. You can draw Standard Circle, Standard Ellipse, Standard Parabola and Standard Hyperbola using this program. Just enter the equation and the graph is drawn! You really have satisfaction of what you study since you can actually see the graph by plotting actual points. Stay tuned for the next versions which will have General forms of these conics.
Screen shot | Download


This game represents the classic arcade game 'Nibbles'. You'll love this if you are fun loving. Please do not expect the adrenalin rush you have during high quality 3D games with exciting surprises all the way. The game is customizable, setting different speeds for amateurs and experts. Also, different levels to challenge your skills.
I know, most people don't like arcade games. But arcade games are REAL fun. You're going to love this one too.
Screen shot | Download


You think you are too good at playing with numbers? This number puzzle is for you. There are 16 places filled with numbers, one vacant. Move the numbers around to arrange them serially. I'll tell you, the last 3 numbers are damn hard to sort. Try it yourself..!
Screen shot | Download


Want to have some fun? Here's a continuously increasing line. Just move it around and make beautiful designs. Does the line move too slow? Increase / decrease the speed using up / down arrow keys. There's more, the D and C buttons change the turning speed! Press D for some time and then try turning. You will have sharper turns.
Surprised how the design in the screen shot is formed? Just turn the line a bit and let it go!
Screen shot | Download


Vaibhav Kulkarni. You can email me at for any suggestions or queries.