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Metric Converter

Welcome to the official web page of Metric Converter. Here you get latest details and updates about the program.

Current Version: 2.46

Metric Converter brings you ease in doing any metric conversions. Convert between units like Distance, Mass, Temperature, Speed, Color Code, Angle, Area, Volume, Acceleration, and more.. Conversions between complicated units is now as easy as never before.

Some cool features of this utility:
- Easy to select the units. (From more than 150 of them)
- Output is displayed as you type the input
- Add custom units easily
- You can open the Window's Calculator from the application itself!
- Several other features to make calculations simpler

What's new in this version?

(No real additions, but huge optimizations, bug fixes..)
- Brand new algorithm to make the conversions. Takes less space from the .exe as well as the memory.
- Increased decimal point precision from 10 to 16 significant digits.
- Increased accuracy of conversion factors of some units.
- Fixed a bug in conversion to HTML color code. (1 digit bug).
- Removed icons the menu items. Sorry for those who liked and wanted that. :( But this has drastically reduced the file size, and will eat way less resources. Also, mnemonics did not work with the icon menus!

(Previous versions)
Version 2.4 (09/16/01)

- Support for custom units! A very easy-to-use custom units' manager.
- Added a few units on request.
- Changed the style of hyperlink on the About Box. It's more elegant now. Reduced 9 kb from the .exe
- Cool new icon!
- Some internal optimizations.

Version 2.3 (09/03/01)

- Icons to menu items!
- Added "Computer" conversion factors, which lets you convert between different binary data storage units.
- Added "Check for Upgrade" item in the Help menu.
- Made use on Wise Installation System instead of InstallShield to make the setup. This reduced the setup file size from 630 KB to 230 KB!


Click here to download Metric Converter.

Click here to view a screen shot.

Bug Report

You can email me to report any bugs.
You can even post any suggestions to this app.

Thank you.